Swedish Integrative Massage ~ A mix of soothing Swedish strokes integrating other massage techniques, a bit of deep tissue, myofascial, Lomi Lomi, personalized to your needs. Excellent
for overall relaxation, relieves tired aching muscles, and increases circulation.

60 min. $ 95 
90 min. $120 

Rock & Roll Melt Full Body Hot Stone Massage ~ Both a soothing and therapeutic experience in one. A combination of massage techniques including the ancient practice of using smooth warmed basalt stones, specially carved Core Stones and a warmed stone roller that sends heat precisely into tight muscles releasing the most tense areas, and calming the nervous system.

60 min. $120 Full Body  
90 min. $140 Full Body
60 min. $ 90 Mini-Rock & Roll Melt (Upper Body) 

Fusion Therapeutic Massage ~  A unique therapeutic massage session integrating hot and cold stones, stretching and compresses with Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial techniques.
The hot stones release muscle tightness while the cold marble stone soothes inflammation.  A massage specific to your problem areas. A  very pleasant way to release tight, sore, overworked or injured muscles leaving you relaxed yet re-energized.    

60 min. $130
90 min. $150

The Tension Tamer ~ Both luxurious and therapeutic. A massage focusing on the upper body (head,neck,shoulders) where we hold the most stress and needs the most attention. Three sessions in one, including a relaxing foot massage with a marine sea salt foot scrub.

60 min. $110

Prenatal Massage ~A special Swedish massage for
the Mom-to-be using the side-lying position with full
body support pillows for extra comfort. Not
recommended for the 1st trimester.

60 min. $100  ("Mom Package" $85 ea. for Series of 3)

Body & Sole ~ Drift into another realm while we combine our soothing Swedish upper body and foot massage. Ending with a blissful head massage. 

60 min. $90
60 min. $115 (with hot stones)

Body & Sole Fusion ~  Therapeutic massage for upper body, back issues (back,neck,shoulders,arms), with hot and cold stone massage used in a chase incorporating  a soothing foot massage. This session will have those tight muscles released and you're energized to go on with your day.

60 min. $115
90 min. $135

* Gift Certificates available

* Corporate and on-site chair massage available.

Candida Sternberg, L.M.T., License #006653
 T: 203-690-2977
149 East Avenue suite 10 Norwalk, CT. 06851

Candida Sternberg, L.M.T.
CS Therapeutic Massage
Classic Swedish, Integrative Therapeutic, Hot Stone and Prenatal Massage
T: 203-690-2977
149 East Avenue suite 10 Norwalk, CT 06851